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Fight and competition up to fratricide - Inspired by the Roman legend about Romulus and Remus, the short film REMUS is created. After a break, Lucy Ribeiro writes the script for her 4th short film. A purely women's team is not facing an easy topic: violence, men's honor, anger, hopelessness. The story revolves around a young hooligan and accompanies his struggles with two life plans: his and that of his hool group. In cooperation with a former member of the scene, the main character was designed and completed so that the viewer has the opportunity to immerse himself in an authentic representation of the world of the hooligans. The everyday life of one Hooligan group is represented here fragmentarily. REMUS is a short film that is to be adapted as a feature film in the future. The script for the feature film is in progress.


September 7th to 12th, 2021, 17th CAUTION BERLIN Film Festival, Competition and Official Selected [link]


Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 from 12:35 am, short film night "Men's Worlds"


sponsored by FFF Bayern


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Shortfilm, 15 minutes




Buch und                     Lucy Ribeiro


Kamera                        Sabine Ballnat

Schnitt                         Thomas Grummt,

                                      Rico Mahel, Adrian Hollmann                 

Ton                               Matthias Steiert, Justus Wirth

Musik                           Julian Laping, Jerome Kaufmann

Kostümbild                 Philipp Hofen

Szenenbild                  Linda Jürgens

Stuntkoordination   Melanie Benna

Produzentin                Tatjana Lommel

Ko-Produktion           Bayerischer Rundfunk

Produktion                 RP New Generation Film UG

Redaktion                   Claudia Gladziejewski

The roles and their actors

Maik                            Dennis Kamitz

​Alex                             Katrin Heß

Schulz                         David Mullikas

Hübi                            Thore Brodtmann

Andrej                         Timo Maar

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Facebook - REMUS Kurzfilm

Instagram - Lucy Ribeiro

REMUS Kurzfilm - Trailer (2020)


Maik is a hooligan and integrated into the "Hools on Fire". His older sister Alex, who is with the leader of the group, Schulz, has great hope in him and already sees him, as her friend intended, at the side of the leader. Maik, on the other hand, is freshly in love with Andrej. The two men have a secret love affair and so far have no knowledge of the other's life. Maik begins to doubt his life plan so far and is no longer sure whether he wants to remain a hool. Alex notices that her brother is pulling away and is trying hard to keep him with him. Schulz and Hübi, another member, and so far the leader's right-hand man, notice that something is wrong with Maik and put him and Alex under pressure, especially in view of an important upcoming fight with another hool group. Maik decides to support his group. On the day of the fight, Maik and Andrej suddenly face each other completely unexpectedly and Maik is forced to decide on a life, aware of the associated consequences.


Biography Lucy Ribeiro (writer and director)

Born in 1987 in Bucharest (Romania) and raised in Munich. Completed the college entrance qualification in social affairs in 2009. My further career took me to various film productions: as a lighting technician, set manager and assistant director, among other things, I wrote, produced and directed 4 short films. Since 2019 graduate of the DffB in screen writing. Currently a freelance writer, script supervisor and filmmaker.

Director's statement

The behavior and experience of violent group members and the political and social dimension of such associations have been central topics for me for some time, to which I want to devote intensive research and ultimately my next film. The historical relevance as well as the unbroken topicality of such dynamics fascinates and terrifies in equal measure. I originally had the idea of developing a script that deals with the German Nazi scene. During my research, however, I realized that the much less illuminated hooligan scene came into focus for me. I quickly found out that I didn't want to use the ultras as research material, but rather the hooligans who arrange to meet up to “play war”. I was inspired by the Champions League of Hooligans. For me it was a new way of telling something about the anonymity of the people who are hools.

In this short film it is the brotherhood, similar to a very close, almost family friendship. But the essential point of the obligations to one another is mutual responsibility, come what may. I wonder which way is more violent, that of true violence, with fists, or that of thoughts to bind people to yourself. To recruit a “surrogate family” without the knowledge of those who are abused for fights because of the need to connect. Together with Sabine Ballnat, the camerawoman, and one Dropouts from the hooligan scene, we developed the framework and dealt with various things Forms of violence and viewed numerous documentaries and reports until we became aware of the Hools' Champions League. With selected actors we want to draw a portrait of the hool scene, use choreographed fight scenes that are worked out in detail. The acting of the actors, as well as the direction of the director, must be on point in order to create the greatest possible authenticity of the images. For a few months now, I've been dealing with hooligans and former members of the scene, talking to them, smoking with them. We are similar in many ways, only that we have a different hobby, different approaches to life, and pursue which from a social point of view in “not differentiates between “dangerous” and “dangerous” people. But in the end we are people who are looking after something or someone.

Lucy Ribeiro, director

Belonging to a group, a “species”, we humans are suited to go to war with our comrades, to stand up for ourselves, to have a bond that goes far beyond the friendly relationship.

Maik [21 years]

Producer's statement

Where does the different behavior of different people in certain situations come from? Why does a person choose a certain path in life? Why does a character change when we are born even though we are all the same? These questions are of particular concern against the background of the consideration of social marginalized groups and outsiders. The focus of the project is the observation of two social orphans, children whose parents are alive but cannot look after them for various reasons and therefore have no contact with their families, in connection with the violent hooligan scene. The public interaction with children who grow up as social orphans without families has a long history. The most popular cases in the current discourse are probably refugee children, whose parents cannot look after their children when they arrive at the place of refuge or who even came to Europe alone, but also those who are left behind in their mostly Eastern European home countries while their parents are abroad Have to look for work. But also in this country the number of social orphans is increasing. Various deaths of abused children a few years ago caused a sensation nationwide.

Since then, the authorities have been looking more closely. Almost twice as many children were removed from their families due to signs of abuse in 2016 than there was a decade earlier. But what if nobody intervenes? What if the children take their fate into their own hands? What is the fate of these social orphans? How is their development shaped by the early fate of familylessness? REMUS is a project that deals with these questions much further. Against this background, the protagonist is portrayed in connection with a group. How does the individual behave in the group? And what power and power does this group have over the individual? The interplay of complex processes inside the individual as well as dealing with an outside world is illuminated. Our team has been working together intensively and successfully for many years. Lucy Ribeiro illuminates materials that are not only difficult but also very “not pleasing”. Her way of writing and directing is pure and rough and touches the deepest inner point.

Tatjana Lommel, producer


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REMUS Kurzfilm
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